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Jemma Enright Financial Expert
July 11, 2016 09:41 PM PDT
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Mark talks this week with Money Management Guru Jemma Enright the co-founder of MoneyBrilliant. Jemma talks about despite not coming from a wealthy background, she has become very financially savvy by creating the startup MoneyBrilliant. 

Jemma explains how to solve money problems and how empowerment were the building blocks that engaged her in the fintech area. Jemma also discusses money being an emotional area of people's lives.

Test your relationship with money by visiting our website and using our Money Personality Test.

FinancePath - Introduction Podcast, Money Property and You
June 07, 2016 10:14 PM PDT
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Mark Attard and Chris Collard have been running FinancePath a Mortgage Manager business in Melbourne for the last 8 years. The boys have a agenda to take this podcast viral by making finances simple! As mortgage manager they want to assist you to make better money decisions. Their banter, humour and down to earth nature makes finance and money management entertaining and enjoyable.

An overview of the up and coming podcasts:

1. The audience for this podcast are:

  • Financially independent - proactively managing finances
  • Don't have enough money - cover their needs but not wants
  • Have enough until a life change - large number of these 
  • Have enough but want a better life, need to be doing something more

Which one do you fit into?

2. Mark and Chris plan to do this podcast weekly.

3. They will bring in experts to interview to answer your questions.

4. They answer some of the key questions around money, property and you.

Do you have a question to ask Mark or Chris? Ask it here.

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The Boys take on Waleed Aly
June 18, 2016 03:22 PM PDT
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Money for Nothing starts this podcast shows the boys age. Growing up in the 80's Mark and Chris remember their childhood. This episode they take on Waleed Aly and his position on Negative gearing coming up to the electon that was recently discussed on The Project.

The guys discuss the glory days 30 years ago and housing affordablity today
June 08, 2016 02:10 PM PDT
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Mark and Chris discuss an article from Tom Elliott written in April in the Herald Sun and around the affordable housing in the 90's and negative gearing.

  • Housing affordability in the 90s 
  • Houses as a percentage of salary
  • Benchmarks to determine affordability
  • Economic Environment in 90s
  • Population growth and housing affordability
  • Where people want to live and infrastructure

Ask the boys a questions that they will address in the up and coming podcasts. 

Brad Straughair from Domain Property Advocates on buying property
June 05, 2016 11:32 PM PDT
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Brad Straughair from Domain Property Advocates talks with Mark on the best time to buy property.

Best time to buy a property

  • Does weather have an impact?
  • Is it different for holiday homes?

How to use a property advocate and how does the whole process work.

Differences between advocates:

  • Fees
  • Metholodogy
  • How they find properties
  • How do you gel with them. Are they are right for you.
Part 2 Brad Straughair on buying a property investment
June 06, 2016 03:36 PM PDT
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Part 2 of an interview with Brad Straughair from Domain Property Advocates. Mark and Brad discuss:

  • What makes a sound or out proforming investment property?
  • Brad philosophy around making a property investment.
  • Investers V Owner Occupier
  • Best property you can afford for your budget
  • What you can't pick up from the statistics
  • Market trends - what is competitive and smashing auction limits.
  • Brad answers listener questions.
Keegan Harper Interview - Accounting advice for EOFY
May 31, 2016 09:54 PM PDT
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Mark Attard from FinancePath interviews Keegan Harper an accountant from WHM Partners on how to get prepared for the end of the Financial Year. To make smarter proactive money decisions, Keegan gives us some great tax planning tips.

Keegan discusses:

* Tax planning for 30th June

* Tax reductions like income insurance

* Bring forward an expense to reduce your tax

* Clients with rental properties makes June a good time to do repairs so you can get the tax reduction claimable backc the next month.

* Self employed who have had a great year, bringing expenses forward to give them a better tax result.

* Interest payed in advance.Different between a capital improvement and maintenance.

* Negative gearing benefits.

* Depreciation Reports - Quantity Surveyor and the benefits of this report

.* Moving term deposit dates



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